What are your desired characteristicts of a man?

A man needs to have a good relationship with God be a spiritual leader and the authoritarian for the family unite guiding them with the Truth. Be honest( never lies or steals) and forthright in all his work related dealing being the Godly example/morals everywhere he goes.  He needs to provide for and protect his family not using his fist like a bully, but logically and calmly doing what is best for everyone concerned. He is selfless, meaning he puts others needs before his own. He does not commit adultery either spiritually or physically against God or his family. Please, share with me the characteristics you desire in a man.

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  • I like a selfless patient humble caring man.  Same as you one who puts others needs before his own.  I want spiritually awaken and helpful in this manner as well

    • Trish, thank you for sharing. These are all good characteristics to be aware of when selecting a mate. It is a good ideal to write them down on a piece of paper and compare them to your first choices after reading the book. In marriage relationships it is best to put your mate first All the time, if we did that, the world be full of perfect harmony and Love.

    • amen and thank you

    • You are welcome.

  • I will need to write mine down first before publishing, otherwise, welldone, i love this good work.

    • We look forward to your share. Thank you.

  • This article has summarised the good characteristics i need in a man"The Difference between Advice and Encouragement" 

    • Thank-you. In the book you will find more on this subject and much more about maintaining a healthy relationship.

      Love and Laugh,


    • You're welcome, happy sabbath full of Father's Love.

    • Thank-you, you too.

      Love and Laugh,

      Catherine Xx

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We hope this finds you well, well rested, in good spirit and having a good day.
In reading the above, yes, I am ready to hang up the superwoMAN suit. In the past couple of years, I have become to realize my arrogancy with the help of…"
Dec 25, 2018
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"Good day and good wishes Nicholas Calder.
It is good to see you here.
Hope you find what you are looking for, if not there are MANY other good resources to search just for the asking.
May the Morning Star arise in your heart! :-)
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