'A must read for any woman who keeps attracting bad relationships'

We welcome you and are glad you are here. Our sincere hope is that All women will find their Destiny when they read the little book entitled

How to Attract a Real Man.

If you long to have the Love of a real man who will, guide and protect you, the way God has intended, you are on the right path. If your hearts desire is to be with your Mr.Right/soulmate and have a beyond words relationship for a lifetime of never ending love, then your search is over. Here you will find, clear as a bell answers to your relationship questions that will hopefully resound in your soul. Here you will find thought provoking suggestions, that when put into action, will bring about loving harmony with others, resulting in rewarding change.

In the past I have searched many a resource, videos, books, religion and marriage counseling, just to name a few, to find answers to unhappy relationships, As you have probably guessed they ALL proved to be fruitless. Some of the answers I had been searching for were revealed when I listened to my Creator and married my spiritually masculine husband. Many others were revealed when I discovered and read this book which I believe is for all women who desire to find The Way back Home in the loving arms of a real man. 

In closing, if you are tired of disappointing, incompatible relationships and truly desire lasting harmony focused on benefiting everyone concerned, then please, open your heart, soul, and mind to receive these astounding words of wisdom. The wealth of becoming spiritually feminine is a priceless gift. To further your spiritually feminine Journey may I strongly suggest you carefully consider all your options to help you decide which choices will lead you to the life your Creator intended for you. What is your destiny?

Love and Laugh,

Catherine Dreyer

For those interested in ordeing the book How to Attract a Real Man please click on the title.

My favorite quotes from the book;

 1. "Are you ready to hang up the Superwoman Suit? Are you just plain exhausted trying to hold down a busy job, run the house, look after the
children, solve all the problems ................ and make the decisions for everyone, whilst hubby  if he is still around) only thinks about work and maybe football or something similar?"

 2. "My experience is that once I started communicating with men in this way, then they started behaving differently and more manly towards me. It worked like magic and I would advise any woman to try it."

3. "My newly learned behavior's as a spiritually feminine woman
were absolutely essential in this new relationship and were exactly what
attracted him and these secrets are what I want to share with you"

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Author Lynne Paris
Writer, Musician and Spiritual Lifecoach
Angelsforce Coaching
August 2016

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  • I just read the article on the taming of the shrew, and I could tell it was divinely inspired. We as women have to unlearn all that we have learned or have been taught by society. What is expected of us, has most women now a days on prozac or something similar, for a condition that has been conjured up by the "wizards" instead of following and doing God's Laws.
    • Glad you read The Taming of The Shrew blog.The movie is well worth the watch.This is true the women of today have been trained "to wear the pants in the relationship." Unfortunately, it is my understanding, this attitude turns of the male instincts to protect and provide for women and instead activates the animal instincts.
  • The taming of the Shrew

    Who REALLY wears the pants in the house, Ladies?

    Hmmm, this is quite a sensitive topic for most women; however, I thought I’d share with you my experience on being a dominant one , instead of being a Lady.
    Life for me was difficult as a child, as my step-father was an alcoholic, and I hardly saw my real father so I had lacked proper discipline. My mom was either always working or cleaning the house [my 2 other siblings and I did help her], but she was understandably tired and irritated most of the time, so there was no time for her to teach us Love.
  • Who is this Book For?
    This book is for women who have attracted the wrong sort of men into their
    lives and have suffered as a consequence. If you don't understand why you
    keep getting into toxic or unhealthy relationships with men who cheat on you,
    don't pull their weight, take advantage of you or abuse you - then this is the
    book for you. If you keep giving ' your everything' in relationships only to have
    them backfire on you , this is the book for you. If you have given everything
    and are wondering when it will be your turn to receive for a change then, this
    is the book for you. If you are yearning for a real man who will stand by your
    side, love you, protect you and nurture you but you don't know how to make
    that happen then go no further. Here are the answers that you are looking for.
  • Thank you Lynn for a well thought out and comprehensive book on making good life choices as a woman. It was an easy and interesting read, and I am looking forward to applying this to my life.
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