About "Self", by guest writer T. G.

I grew up in a middle class family, and always felt like the"odd one out". There was no love in my family, except for when I was very young and my dad would come in to say goodnight and sing me a song while rubbing my forehead so I could sleep well. That didn’t last that long as my mother and dad seemed to hate each other, which oozed out and infected the rest of the family. I had always wished I was in a different family, a loving family, where I could love and be loved. My dad was…
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Is Your World Turning Upside Down?

Greetings to all, we are glad you are here and hope this finds you well, and in good spirit. I would like to expound on our guest writer’s article: "The Difference Between Advice and Encouragement", in a way that you can begin to see it in action, from a daily relationship, and how we all either create an upside-down world, or a right-side-up world, based on the outcome of our daily decisions, thoughts, actions (the big and little ones) and what effect they have on our lives, and all those…

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Do Real Men Desire a Beautiful Woman?

Is it true Real Man desire a beautiful women? What is a beautiful women by modern standards,(head of the relationship, bossy, independent, displays lasciviousness)  and is that really what men want? Truth is a real man desires a woman who can make his world beautiful, and that ONLY happens when she becomes a spiritually feminine lady who allows her husband/real man to be the leader of their relationship. Today people ask me, " How do you describe a Real…

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Are You Ready To Hang Up Your SuperwoMAN Suite?

Good day everyone, We hope this finds you in good spirit and having a good day. Would you like to know the secretes to becoming a more spiritually feminine woman? Are you tired of carrying his load and yours too? If so read on. A man's leadership derives, not from a woman giving him orders, but from Christ alone. Through Their leadership the man finds strength and courage to continue to lead his family without negative consequences occurring. In return the result of his submission to the…

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What are your desired characteristicts of a man?

A man needs to have a good relationship with God be a spiritual leader and the authoritarian for the family unite guiding them with the Truth. Be honest( never lies or steals) and forthright in all his work related dealing being the Godly example/morals everywhere he goes.  He needs to provide for and protect his family not using his fist like a bully, but logically and calmly doing what is best for everyone concerned. He is selfless, meaning he puts others needs before his own. He does not…

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Creating Peace and Harmony in relationships.

Good day everyone, We hope this finds you well and in good spirit. We are having a wonderful day and hope everyone else is also. Let us continue to practice setting healthy boundaries in every situation knowing we create our world by doing so. In the heat of a disagreement if he says unkind things, then repeat to him that, as a man, he is supposed to make decisions that are best for everyone concerned and, to do this in a kind and respectful manner. Don't be drawn into mind games about power…

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Should women be lending advice to the men in their lives?

Greetings everyone, I am glad you are here. Let's take a look at how we can become true ladies and help the men in our lives to become the real men they should be by practicing this healthy boundary. When it seems he is off course and he is not making sound decisions, It is our job to help him by pointing him to the ONLY source that can help him make sound decisions, God.and His Commandments, instead of trying to convince him we are right and he is wrong. This will help take you out of the…

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Rebecca Jones replied to Catherine Dreyer's discussion Are You Ready To Hang Up Your SuperwoMAN Suite?
"Dear Catherine,
We hope this finds you well, well rested, in good spirit and having a good day.
In reading the above, yes, I am ready to hang up the superwoMAN suit. In the past couple of years, I have become to realize my arrogancy with the help of…"
Dec 25, 2018
Rebecca Jones is now a member of Women's True Liberation: The Way Home in Love with a Real Man
Dec 25, 2018
Catherine Dreyer left a comment for Nicholas Calder
"Good day and good wishes Nicholas Calder.
It is good to see you here.
Hope you find what you are looking for, if not there are MANY other good resources to search just for the asking.
May the Morning Star arise in your heart! :-)
Sep 22, 2018



Multimedia on Femininity

A different perspective of femininity. Does being independant turn off a man's natural instinct to protect and care for a woman? --- You decide---

Thankyou 'D' for this beautiful article to publish in support of this video

On Femininity:-

The breaking apart of the male to female bond is at the core of the
evil intentions.
Whether one believes the Adam & Eve story as true, or allegorical, by
merely observing the effects of feminism, it can be easily seen as a tremendous loss for the female. It is a loss for the male as well, as
he has lost his counterpart that nurtures and assists to help fortify him; but it is her loss most of all.
Eve came from within (the rib) Adam. It is within Adam that her power resides.
She cannot expect to ever act independently and be strengthened.
It is not only how God has intended this to be, but it is impossible for her to do so.

In hindsight, as women begin to see the effects of women's
liberation, they begin to acknowledge that women are more dominated than ever before by strangers (the stranger) instead of the ones that love them; and the power they have access to is diminished and lost.
The more women resist in accepting that which is natural to
them, the more they will weaken, be stressed, depressed, and die.

Women are rightly unequal to men in the world, because of their nature that seeks to be led. It is built-in inherently to all
women, and it is within this vulnerability that they find the hand to help them climb hills and mountains.
Through this unequal bond, that requires submission, an equilibrium of
the Spirit is found.
In this equilibrium is the Love that many women seek, but have lost.

He awaits them; either directly or through a good man that follows Him rightly. I thank my Beloved, always and for ever.
I keep my hand in His, as it must be, and I am loved.
- Author anonymous.