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About "Self", by guest writer T. G.

I grew up in a middle class family, and always felt like the"odd one out". There was no love in my family, except for when I was very young and my dad would come in to say goodnight and sing me a song while rubbing my forehead so I could sleep well. That didn’t last that long as my mother and dad seemed to hate each other, which oozed out and infected the rest of the family. I had always wished I was in a different family, a loving family, where I could love and be loved. My dad was isolating himself more and more from my abusing and manipulative mother, who constantly berated him, whether he was at home or not. She took over the role of who wears the pants in the family, and she would manipulate the other children against my dad, with lies or bribes, or withholding her affection, whatever that was. In turn my dad started to sink deeper and deeper into depression, and his so-called doctors were prescribing him uppers and downers, one to compensate for the other. He was diagnosed with manic depression, and after a couple of hospitalizations he was taken out of state for electric shock therapy. There was such constant emotional abuse and physical abuse, it's hard to count how many times the police were called. I realize now that my dad was just as manipulative and abusive, as he too takes no responsibility for anything. My role became to defend my dad, as my mother and the other children would take advantage of him. I felt bad for my dad and I knew he was sick and I wanted to see him get better. Needless to say this wasn't a healthy environment. My coping mechanism became an eating disorder. I would restrict my food, to keep weight off and then a school friend of mine showed me how to be a bulimic, where I could eat and then just throw up my food, which became a life long battle of mine, nearly half my life, with a few near death experiences, and hospitalizations. I was constantly "getting off at the wrong bus stop". My mother despised me and she treated me as a piece of throw away garbage, she blamed me for all the unhappiness in her life, and at one point she had wanted all the children to sign "legal" papers that my dad was incompetent, so she could take his property. Everyone else was on board, but I refused, as I saw right through her. Her way of getting me back was to take everything I own and throw it away, or keep it for herself. To escape the house I would stay after school and play sports, and developed friendships as well as drinking partners. So I was limited to the time I spent at home. When it came time for applying for college I was so bulimic, and knew there was no way I was ready to go to College, but this didn't seem to reflect the feelings of my parents which were: don't think you’re gonna stay home and do nothing. While I just wanted a job and to get well, but I was forced to take a loan and go. I was so sick that I was hospitalized. I was on an athletic scholarship and so I stuck it out for the year. I was going through life picking up a job here or there on my own; it didn't matter what it was: waitress, bagging dirt, coaching, but I always had to let go for fear of someone finding out about my disease, and the older I got the harder it was to hide this secretive affliction. A few years later I was playing in a league and met the coach to another college, and she offered me a scholarship to play, I thought yes it’s time and so I went. This is where my first real serious relationship started, and as I look back and reflect on that relationship now, the things he had done to hurt me, like sleeping with my aunt and my sister in law were most likely a reflection of how I drove him away, through my own insecurities. This relationship started by me chasing him as well, when the man should be chasing the woman. I was still heavy into my eating disorder at this time, so how could I be committed to a man, when I was really committed to my disease? When I graduated college, I moved back home for lack of funds, but this probably wasn't my wisest choice. The resentment of my mom weighed heavily on me. The last straw was when she threw me out of the house and I went to a friends and never left. I had nowhere else to go and he never turned me away. I was also chasing him as well, prior to this. He took care of me and loved me with all my quirks and illness et all, he has been trying to teach me patience since. About 17 years ago he was diagnosed with a very serious cancer, where you are not supposed to survive, but he did and developed 2 secondary cancers from treatments he received. I’ve been taking care of him ever since. I realize now that all the problems I suffer are lessons and karma. If I look in the mirror I can see that I have been a hypocrite, when in relationships, not being totally honest about what is going on with me, but I just wanted somebody to love me and to love somebody - a comforter. I just have seen that to obtain these things I need not look any further than myself. Starting with letting go and following The Way, that is the only thing that can heal and cure all. I have to work on becoming a real woman, a help-meet for a man, a woman that would make God proud, that I probably never would have been able to reach and strive for, if it weren't for The Lord himself, who allowed me to find JAH and His people who are His helpers and followers of The Way. I have struggled the last couple of days as to how I react, but I now think about it and realize what it is that I am doing wrong. Thank you Lynn for your book AH MEN, and thank you Naomi for all your help and guidance and your site. peace be with you and within you, Trish  
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Is Your World Turning Upside Down?

Greetings to all, we are glad you are here and hope this finds you well, and in good spirit. I would like to expound on our guest writer’s article: "The Difference Between Advice and Encouragement", in a way that you can begin to see it in action, from a daily relationship, and how we all either create an upside-down world, or a right-side-up world, based on the outcome of our daily decisions, thoughts, actions (the big and little ones) and what effect they have on our lives, and all those around us.

Many years back I began to imagine being married to a man who was a good man, who would be the leader in the family and take good care of me and his family; something I had not been able to experience in this life at that time, but now realize, I was not a spiritually feminine lady, at that time, and that was why. I dreamed of having a relationship where harmony worked to create a much more peaceful and productive environment, than I was living in at the time. I began by loving myself first, and, as the dream unfolded, I starting to face the obstacles of my past actions and decisions of allowing myself to be used, abused, becoming co-dependent, independent, bossy, etcetera, that had been preventing me from realizing my dream. By first taking an honest look at myself, and what position in the game of life I had chosen, which helped to created the chaos and disharmony in the first place, I faced my fears of not being loved. Knowing this was no way to live, I made a tough decision. Relying on this new knowing I set healthier boundaries, changed body-language and welcomed the change, accepting that this was right and that the dream would be fulfilled. Up until this point in my life all that me, myself, and I, had accomplished was hurting myself, others, and creating an "upside-down world."

We have all heard the old saying, "love makes the world go 'round" (not sex), contrary to what we all have been taught by today’s upside-down society; sex and Love are not one in the same. Sex without love makes you feel worthless, used and abused. Love points us to The Ruler of The Universe, because He is LOVE. Acknowledging that He created and successfully runs the entire Universe, we should be able to trust Him to teach us how to become good and love one another. Women, if you offer a Real Man sex before marriage he will see this as a big turn off, instead of turn on, and will view you as promiscuous and untrustworthy. If you dress for sex, exposing a lot of skin, tight jeans and low neck tops, etcetera, then your body-language will most likely attract a man who has one thing on his mind, and it is not in either of your best interests. On the other hand, when you become spiritually feminine you will dress demure and feminine, learning how to attract the love of a real man, and enjoy the essence of True love, which you will deserve and enjoy. The wealth of becoming spiritually feminine is obtainable for all women. It is priceless, and I encourage each of you to seek after this special gift, if you don't already possess it, and are actively practicing it every day. For the most part, our world turns right-side-up, by me being humble and teachable, always asking for my husband’s guidance, because ultimately he Rules over me and has the final decisions on everything. I have learned that my husband is still learning how to be spiritually mature, and makes mistakes too; this is a learning process for both of us. When this happens it is my responsibility to support him in his growth, and encourage him to correct his wrongs according to God's Commandments, which will reflect his behavior back to him, making this conflict between him and God alone. By doing what is right, we ensure that God will be on our side, providing and protecting us through our husbands, as promised. By acting non-manipulative and submissive you will take yourself out of the conflict, helping him more than if you argue about who is right or wrong, or try to convince a man with Satan’s advice, like Eve did to Adam, which only leads to discord in the relationship. Hopefully, you are now beginning to "see" that by acting spiritually feminine, you have a far greater effect on the relationship. If we want to live a joyful, healthy life, it is important to put God first and foremost in all aspects of our lives, by following His perfect Laws. By doing so, you fall under His promised blessings, where He will never let you down and you will never feel alone. You will always receive His unconditional LOVE, when and IF you are ready to receive it. As we ALL have been told, "Father knows best", so it seems that The 10+2 Command-ments are a perfect guide, that everyone should follow when making decisions, and taking action, on a daily basis. The word Command-ments means commanded to obey, and they were given to us with our best interest in mind.

A mutual friend, who introduced my husband and I, had been trying for a while to get me to agree to meet him, so she shared many things about him, like his talents and pictures of him, but the one thing that really sparked my interest, because I was not interested in his looks and another bad relationship, was the fact he did not work on the Sabbaths (Saturday) for money. She said he would help people out on that day, if need be, but never charge for it. This made my decision to allow her to give him my number. He later shared with me, that prior to us meeting, while on vacation, he had cried out to God at the top of the mountain, accepting the fact that God had not placed the right woman in his life, accepting instead the solitary life he had been living with God, which he had done for over seven years. When he returned he saw her message, and he waited a while, to be sure he was supposed to call me. After nearly a week, he called me, and that's when I asked him about his relationship with Christ. Based on his answer, I had some trust in him, before actually meeting in person, publicly, and was now looking for his actions to line up with his words. He invited me to meet him for dinner one Sunday evening. Before ordering I mentioned I might have a beer, which I didn't, because the thought of finding a man who truly wanted to serve God was important to me, and I did not want to run him off. He kindly replied with compassion in his voice, "Is that what you think you need to be doing with your life?" Although I had drunk alcohol almost every day, up until I met him, that evening was when I stopped drinking. I have never had another drink since, and now I see how I was testing him, to see if he was for real, and he sure was. He suggested we study together on The Sabbaths, which I enjoyed, because he read God's Holy Word to me, and that is when my desires for alcohol, materialism, sex, vanity, money, power, etcetera began to diminish, and for the first time I felt satisfied inside. The truth is alcohol dissolves our inhibitions to abstain from sinful behaviors. Prior to meeting him, I did not want to drink, but had not been able to stop, even though I had attended church and 12 step meetings.

As the relationship grew, I could see his words lined up with his actions, as he stood firm in his beliefs. He exercised his manhood establishing healthy boundaries for our relationship. One of the greatest demonstration of his love and respect for our Creator, himself and me was when he informed me of his wishes for us to stay out of bed, insisting on saying our marriage vows to God and each other first, and then consummating our marriage on the honeymoon, thereby obeying the First Commandment to Love God first. I agreed, knowing this would take great self-control on both our parts, and we both faithfully kept our word to God and each other. As a result, he surprised me with a white rose, dipped in gold, on our honeymoon night, as a gift/symbol celebrating our purity together. Another way he did not over-step his boundaries with me, was when he knelt down to ask if he could kiss me for the first time, which touched my heart deeply and proved he was a gentleman. I liked this way of creating our world/thinking and felt the true love, that his actions were proving between us. With his masculine love and good examples, I now had hope, a sense of security, which made me feel loved and cherished, as our love grew stronger. Have you ever heard this saying? “YOU are your own worst enemy.” That is the Truth, and until we face these facts our egos will defeat us every time, keeping us from attracting and falling in love with a real man.

Learn to take action, change behaviours and set boundaries, so this kind of man will seek you out, and then you will be able to learn that your greatest power lies in your willingness to be guided by a real man. I faced-down my ego and learned to look to him for everything, especially strength and courage to continue to follow him, and this new way of learning to love each other, that he was teaching me.

When we first started dating, he had been working on a single woman's residential home for quite a while, and he told me he needed to get finished with it, and move on to others. So he asked me to help him with the work one day, which set the foundation for him to train me to be his help-meet. It was during this time that he would repeat a saying that I did not fully understand, but was willing to learn. He kept repeating it, sometimes on a daily basis, "familiarity breeds contempt". At the time I was learning how to recognize my feelings and behaviors more, with a sober mind now, a gut feeling if you will, a knowing, and trusting in this guidance. The more he would say this quote, the more I understood and put it into action, being careful to keep our healthy boundaries each day, striving to always be courteous, greeting each other with a kiss and a hug, being polite, putting the needs of others first, before my self, and learning when conflict came, to still do the same.

Through these acts of selflessness the love continued to grow, and I began to understand how to let him lovingly guide me, as our hours turned into days. The time flew by and my world started turning right-side-up. At the time we met, I had also been attending organized religion for years, but when I ask my new best friend to go with me, he said he could not do that, knowing the truth about those organizations, stating, instead, that Christ's sacrifice on the cross had abolished the priesthood, for all time. He also taught me that Christ is the ONLY teacher we need, and that He warned us about the "Traditions of The Fathers/Elders", and about not attending the Synagogues (the churches of that day). Then gave me a clear concise answer from the Scriptures for his decision, and all this Truth came together and made perfect sense, as only the Truth does, as to why I was not getting my spiritual needs met in these places. It was at this point in my life that I vowed to stop attending these organizations.

By this time we were not only best friends, but we had fallen in love with each other, spending time together when not working, which led to him asking me to marry him, and without hesitation, I knew I was in true love with him, and convinced he was my soul-mate. So I said, "Yes". He made the announcement formal, after getting the approval from my dad and his mom, followed by an engagement-ring surprise at The Grace Ranch (our future home together), and a special just the two of us dinner. We then agreed on a date and decided our marriage vows were very important to us, and agreed we wanted to be married by a pastor who would marry us under God's Royal Laws of Liberty, not the state’s licensing, as it used to be, since the establishment of this country. Keeping an open mind, he said it made sense to first ask the pastor where I had attended church. This pastor would not make an appointment for us, because we were not taking their marriage counseling, which confirmed to me, my new fiancé’s earlier words of truth about organized religion, and how it contravenes the actual Word in Scripture. This encouraged me to cancel my membership, by written notice, in an email full of Truth, to the pastor, about him and his 501c3 corporate business. I've not looked back, knowing all these decisions have been good for us both. Have you ever heard that the Truth mixed with lies is still a lie, even if the majority believes it, however the Truth is still the Truth, even if no one chooses to believe Him.

Shortly after the honeymoon, my new husband shared more about how his life had transformed, by a discovery and encounter he had with The Truth, which turned his world right-side-up, and helped form him into this real man which I now love so much. He showed me a "little book" titled, The Way home or face The Fire by JAH and shared how it made a massive impact on his life, which prompted me to read it also. What an enormous gift of LOVE and Truth this "little book" revealed to me. I had no idea that I was reading the Most Extraordinary book on the planet. Never had I heard so much Truth that was easy to read, understand and digest. I was overwhelmed and amazed, by all the answers to the questions I had had about my life, and the long awaited Truth of all things on Planet Earth; for a while it left me overwhelmed by this Love I was experiencing. It is now one of my favorite books, which I still read quite often, because I've discovered, that when you effectively apply the contents to your life, they start to turn your world right-side-up, as they have ours. This is something I freely share with other’s Beings as it has been proven to be THE KEY that unlocks the Scriptures, and has helped me immensely in my life, by correcting my way of thinking, concerning me and the upside-down world revolving around me every day.

Have you ever been told it's not what you say that matters, but how you say it. Contrary to that; what you say does matter, which became apparent to me, as I was making amends for my wrongs against my husband, after being corrected by him. He was patient and kind most of the time with his authority, until I would try to emasculate his manhood. Then he would react with loving force to defend his authority. This would happen when I would try to give him advice (society’s influence of liberating women to be man's equal, coming from Satan), which I didn't realize, at the time, destroys the masculine instincts in a man to protect and provide, normally bringing out instead a man’s animal instincts, causing discord in the relationship. Instinctively, he would enforce his strong leadership boundaries against this advice, in defense of his spiritual masculinity. It seemed, at the time, that he was being too hard on me, but, looking back, now I am glad he was, and realize it was with loving force and for good reasons. So ladies, if you desire the love of a real man in your life, instead of domestic strife and violence, then it is your husband that you should be obeying, thereby obeying Christ and God first, through him. I would apologize sincerely, and express to him my determination to change that bad behavior, thus proving it is important what you say. My newly learned behaviors worked like magic, and I encourage all women to give them a try, when you are ready to learn How to Attract a Real Man. Acknowledging his leadership, I would ask my husband what to do with possessions I no longer needed. He would give me logical choices and encouragement, with which to make a good decision, allowing my input first, and then I depended on him to make the final decisions, knowing the man should Rule Over The Woman, and her desires shall be subject to her husband.

Men are better equipped to deal with stress than women, due to the fact the man was created in God's image first, then woman was made out of the man's rib, making her the weaker vessel. Good news is: if you start to make changes where you can, in your behaviors, then there is a better chance that a real man will seek you out and marry and protect you, so you can start learning and practicing these new behaviors and beliefs, with him. The Truth is my experience with this kind of LOVE is far better, and more satisfying, than any sex I have ever experienced in this lifetime.

On one occasion he showed me a visual teaching-example that helped me so much, that I want to share it with each of you, hoping you will remember it each time you look at your hand. He called it Divine Authority, a lesson I now realize was essential for me to learn, in order for love to guide our relationship. He demonstrated this by holding his hand thumb up, he said, "the thumb represents God (The Ruler of The Universe), the index finger represents Christ (pointing The Way), the middle one is the man (real man), the ring/marriage finger is the woman/help-meet, and the pinky finger representing Satan. When the man and woman are obeying the correct order of divine authority, their world is right-side-up, resulting in harmony, love and peace in marriage. Now turn your hand/world upside-down. When the woman gives advice to the man, instead of encouragement, Satan (which means The Opposer) is now on top influencing and controlling the woman. When the man listens to the woman's advice, instead of Christ and God, like Adam did, and follows the woman, it causes him to relinquish his spiritual authority to the woman, thereby really to Satan, who is influencing and controlling the woman through her emotions, causing curses in the relationship, for being disobedient to God and Christ. Please notice God and Christ (real love) are now on the bottom and their spiritual blessing are left completely out in marriage." This is the same scenario that resulted in Adam and Eve being expelled from The Garden of Eden, and is happening every day, to everyone, everywhere around the world.

Will we ever learn? Taking an honest look at the mess this planet is in, it is obvious we have not followed God's guidance and Way, explaining why the world today is operating upside-down, full of all kinds of evil and corruption, which makes Father/God sad to see, because He LOVES each of us and is patiently waiting for you to ASK Him for His help.

The only way to correct the situation in the world, is for each of us to right the Divine Authority in our lives and relationships, starting with turning our thumbs up in our own lives, pointing to The Way to "How to Attract a Real Man" and become a spiritually feminine lady, thereby wearing his ring and taking his name, to become one flesh and his true help-meet, as it was meant to be, coming under the real man's guidance, relinquishing society’s satanic teaching of women being men’s equal, and coming under God's blessings. A great teaching about marriage can be found in "This is a Great Mystery: Marriage Guidance" by D.P. Grafton, Edited: Corrected and Supplemented by JAH. We highly recommend you read this and all the other links found here, for your own sake. Once the divine order is corrected, the man and woman begin to realize the divine blessings that Only God and Christ can bestow, creating harmony and love that flows freely. In my own experience this has become apparent over and over again, as we learn to follow God's grace/serendipity in our daily lives.

God gave us the answers to our relationship difficulties, as we were in a major crisis up until the end of this year, helping us to resolve the issues and restore the harmony in our own relationship. As I look back on my life, I realize everything I have had to deal with has helped prepare me for these opportunities today, which are guiding and encouraging women to learn Women’s True Liberation. Our lives have been transformed so much for the better, due to all these changes. It is good to know God is always here, ready to guide, teach and lend that helping hand, when we trust and OBEY Him. He is our JOY and exceeding great reward.

In Closing:  May we strongly suggest you choose wisely what you follow, knowing everyone has their own free-will to choose their path in life. Hopefully you will become like a pebble that is dropped in water, making an endless wave of love, acknowledging your spiritual life depends on it. We both believe these Truths come from Christ, our spiritual leader and guide, and His Word found in the Old Testament, New Testament and Holy Koran, found for Free reading in the King of kings' Bible by JAH, and is the bedrock of our relationship. We also hope you will take the time to read and digest Lynn Paris' book, How to Attract a Real Man, which helped us both, to learn how to create more love and boundaries in our relationship, accomplishing more balance, harmony and joy in our lives. Finally we hope you will turn your world right-side-up, if you have not already done so, by first establishing your relationship with God and Christ, as your authorities in all things, becoming spiritually feminine, or men spiritually masculine, relying on God and Christ Only, to provide all of your spiritual and material needs. May God bless all your relationships. Love and Laugh, Catherine

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The Difference between Advice and Encouragement

Dedicated to God and Christ, without Whom this could not have been written: Guest writer from The Uniquehorn Report

Most everyone today, with any awareness, who will take an honest look at both their lives and the world in general, will hopefully come to the conclusion that something is dreadfully wrong. So why, with our finest intentions, do our best laid plans of “mice and men” always seem to go wrong, and what is the source of this confusion and the solution to this dilemma.

This article focuses primarily on the marriage contract between God, Christ, man and woman, however it still applies to everyone on this prison-planet for the criminally-insane. You may ask how I can so easily say we are all criminally insane, with such conviction, it’s because contrary to what you might have been told, everything written in the Bible (the king James authorized version), and the correctly translated version of the Holy Koran, is Truth and because all three books say so.

Isaiah 42:6 I the "I AM" have called thee in Righteousness, and will hold thine hand, and will keep thee, and give thee for a Covenant of the people, for a Light to the Gentiles;
42:7 To open the blind eyes, to bring out the prisoners from this prison [planet], [and] them that sit in darkness out of the prison house.

Luke 9:55 But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what kind of spirit ye are of (Rev. 12:7-9; Matt. 8:22).

Revelation 12:4 And his tale (of lies - John 8:35) drew the third part of the "Stars" (ch. 9:1) of heaven (into his army), and did (cause them to be) cast to the Earth (for their treason against God): and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born (Christ - second coming).

12:7 And there was war in heaven: Michael and his angels fought against the dragon (Lucifer); and the dragon fought and his angels,
12:8 And prevailed not; neither was their place found any more in heaven.
12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out to the earth, and his angels (you - Luke 9:55) were cast out with him (Matthew 25:41).

Matthew 25:41 Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into Everlasting Fire, prepared for the devil and his angels (YOU that do not DO God's Will):

Sura 83:5. On a Mighty Day,
83:6. A Day when (all) mankind will stand before the Lord of the Worlds?
83:7. Nay! Surely the record of the wicked is (preserved) in their Prison Record.
83:8. And what will explain to thee what Prison Record is?
83:9. (There is) a Register (fully) inscribed.

Now before you are convinced by your ego (really Satan, who is behind it and feeds it) to stop reading, because you think you are already good, please consider the following verse from the book of Isaiah.

Isaiah 64:6 But we are all as an unclean [thing], and all our righteousnesses [are] like filthy rags; and we all do fade as a leaf; and our inequities, like the wind, have taken us away.

If mankind as a whole can’t see by now that this world is heading to its own destruction at our hand, of which each individual is a part, then we’re all truly insane; which appears to be the case for the majority, since conditions are constantly worsening and not getting better. Therefore it seems logical that if we can first become changed from within, for the better, to start to put the world right for God and Christ, then the world would immediately start to get better; but everyone has to do it, or the one bad apple will spoil the barrel.

So where did this all start, why haven’t we been able to get it right until now, and how do we all correct the situation, before it’s too late. To begin with we must go back to the Garden of Eden, specifically when God told Adam and Eve that they were allowed to eat from any tree there except one, the “tree” of the knowledge of good (Truth) and evil (lies).

Genesis 2:16 And the "I AM" God COMMANDED the man, saying, Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat:
2:17 But of the tree of the knowledge of good (Truth) and evil (lies), thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die (in confusion).

The “trees” He is speaking of were not all physical trees in that sense, but rather the source of ways and beliefs. In the Garden of Eden (Planet Earth) God wanted us to follow His Ways and Commands only, which lead to eternal Life at the foot of the Tree of Life, instead of Satan’s “tree” of the knowledge of good (Truth) and evil (lies), which leads to confusion, and eventually a fate worse than death on the Last Day, for disobeying God. So it seems logical that if we were all following God’s Ways, the world should be getting better, right; but it’s not and getting worse and more evil by the day. So what is the answer, and how do we turn this mess around, that is causing all of this evil, conflict and destruction in our lives?

In the simplest terms, it means getting right with God, through repentance and atonement. This means a much more serious act of repentance than just “opening your heart to Jesus”, and then going back to our same old destructive ways. It means a complete remaking of our character and ways, that can only be accomplished with God and Christ’s help and constant guidance. If we want to become Christ’s adopted children, then we need to learn to obey and serve Him only, just like He obeys and serves His Father in Heaven. It is the divine order of the Universe, so why are we not following it? An honest look at the world’s conditions proves we are not, or this would already be heaven on Earth.

What I believe God (Whom I prefer to call Father – Matthew 6:9) has shown me is that this subtle twisting of our beliefs by Satan, is the cause of all our confusion, conflict and eventual death on this planet. In our marital lives this has been brought about in many subtle ways, but primarily in the liberal modern-day belief that men and women are equal, a belief clearly unsupported by, and at odds with, Scripture. Father gave us His divine order of authority in the Bible, to keep us on the right path, with God as the head of Christ, Christ as the head of man and man as the head of woman. Listening to anything else only causes disharmony, conflict, resentment and eventual divorce (destruction) in our marriages, as divine justice for listening to Satan again. Satan’s divide and conquer.

1 Corinthians 11:3 But I would have you know, that the head of every man is Christ; and the head of the woman [is] the man; and the head of Christ [is] God.

Since the source of this stems from believing the lie, that men and women are equal, when the Bible clearly states in Genesis 2:22, that the woman was created from man, as his helper NOT his equal, then how is the destruction wrought out in our daily lives, and what is the solution? In the Garden of Eden, when Eve had gone apart from Adam and started to believe the liar (Satan) over him, which is really over Christ and God through the man, since Adam had not yet believed the liar, the seed for the fall from grace was planted, which eventually led to them both being cast out. What the woman did was disobey the man, who told her not to eat from the forbidden “tree”. When she believed the liar (instead of only God through the man) and then came back to the man, thinking that she was right, and then through her advice, got the man to believe the lie also, she usurped God’s/Christ’s and the man’s authority, and the divine order of things. It’s been happening ever since and every day, everywhere on Earth for the last 6,000 years, and has been the cause of all of this chaos, conflict and death. The man too was wrong for loving the woman more than God, by believing the liar through her, thus breaking the first commandment and disobeying God.

1 Timothy 2:11 Let the woman learn in SILENCE with all subjection.
2:12 But I suffer not a woman to teach, nor to USURP authority over the man, but TO BE IN SILENCE.

When a woman usurps a man’s God-given authority, by giving him her/Satan’s advice, she naturally creates disharmony and conflict in the relationship and marriage, because the man intuitively knows that it’s not right and becomes defensive and sadly, sometimes violent. Just as he knows the woman shouldn’t be giving him advice, and should obey him (Genesis 3:16), he also intuitively knows that he cannot rightfully give it to another man, Christ or God, because of his status in the divine order; rather only suggestions (facts and opinions) and encouragement. He also knows that each man has to work out his own destiny, as with himself. Furthermore when the woman gives advice, thereby usurping the man’s authority, she wrongly takes the place of Christ and God for the man, thereby preventing the man from learning his lessons of life, which he most certainly cannot learn from her, since it’s from the wrong “tree”. Whether the man takes her advice or not, the damage is already done, because either way if he fails, the woman says, “I told you so”, assuming her authority over the man; which is Satanic. God and Christ are the only ones man can learn his spiritual lessons from, if he does not learn from Them and continues to listen to the woman, he will repeat the same mistake over and over again. Hence the confusion and conflict in the world today, which is leading to WWIII, Armageddon and then The Fire on the Last Day.

So how do we come to receive God’s blessing in our marriages, and reverse the fall from Grace? The simplest answer to this is found in the Book of Thomas, where the man is told to take the woman back into him again; found for free in the King of kings’ Bible.

Excerpt from Philip’s Gospel: When Eve was in Adam there was no death; but when she was separated from him death came into being. If she go in again, and he take her to himself, death will no longer exist. For this reason a man and woman will leave their parents and cleave one (the woman) to the other (the man) becoming one flesh.

Admittedly this may sound a little esoteric, but it’s really quite simple. The man must first turn from the woman’s advice, really Satan’s through the woman, and get right with God and Christ first, by learning to follow and listen to Them ONLY. Then he will have the divine authority and loving words to reason with and guide the woman, so hopefully she will see, that it is to her best advantage to truly listen and obey him only, whether he is right or wrong in every circumstance, so he does not lose his temper and become violent. If the man is truly striving to follow God and Christ, then grace enters into the relationship, and, if the woman obeys him, peace and harmony naturally follow. A loving, obedient woman is a treasure beyond price. Should the woman wisely choose to obey and follow her husband, then she automatically falls under God’s grace too, thereby also ending all the disharmony and conflict in the marriage, by humbling herself, like the man must humble himself before Christ, she receives God’s blessings through the man, who receives his through the Holy Spirit, given him by Christ. This in turn corrects the divine order of authority given by God, that was previously upset by Satan in The Garden. If the woman wrongly chooses to turn her back on the man’s instruction and correction, then she is right back in The Garden listening to the devil and eating the same old apple again. The proof is in the current conditions found on this planet, of the criminally insane, which we are all a part of. If your ego/self stings a little right now, please know that this is the Truth burning out the lie that Satan placed there. If you truly love God and Christ, then you will learn to do what They say ONLY, otherwise you are really helping the enemy and proving your allegiance to him, which will get you put into The Fire with him on the Last Day.

Matthew 3:10 And now also the axe is laid unto the root of the trees: therefore every tree which bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn down, and cast into The Fire.

Please know that this has worked wonderfully in our marriage, with my wife striving to become a perfect lady and mom, just as I strive to become a real man like Christ Jesus exampled 2,000 years ago, and still does today. Then with the man striving to emulate Christ, seeking to find his way home, while fighting evil in the world as it presents itself, and the woman striving to become a perfect lady and mom, cheering her husband on with words of encouragement, to earn her right to become a man in her next life; they are both learning to do God’s will for them as He intended, so peace and harmony naturally follow, instead of domestic violence.

Thomas 16:2 Jesus said: See, I shall lead her, so that I will make her male, that she too may become a Living spirit, resembling you males. For every woman who makes herself male will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. AMEN

As demonstrated, it is in the woman’s best interest if she learns How to Attract a Real Man and then follows that man, who is striving to be like Christ, just as emulating Christ is best for the man. The humbling of our “selves” makes us open to the divine guidance of God and Christ. Only then can we start to learn from the unspoken word, God’s still small voice of Go(o)dness. Once we start to listen, He begins to show us marvelous spiritual insights, that we could never have been aware of before. It’s a magical mystery tour with Him at the wheel, so you never know where it can take you (John 3:8). When both the man and the woman embrace their roles in the marriage, with God as their focus always, they automatically fit into the divine order, disbarring the discord that previously existed. The man can then rightfully fulfill his role in the relationship, by providing for, protecting and instructing the woman with God’s constant help, endless supply and love. This removes a huge burden from the woman, allowing her the freedom to humbly pursue her God given talents, while learning from the man’s example, which then naturally inspires her to cheer and encourage her husband on to victory, against the evil and injustice so prevalent in the world today.

Following God’s and Christ’s advice (commands) always brings Their blessings and grace into our lives, but only if we choose to follow them and them alone, and learn to do God’s Will for us. You can’t have it both ways, by following after the ways of the world (James 4:4), and then trying to please Father and Christ too.

Mark 12:30 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength and serve Him ONLY: this [is] the first COMMANDment.

Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and materialism.
6:33 But seek ye FIRST the Kingdom of God, and His Righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.

Both “trees” are diametrically opposed and a contradiction, because one way leads to Satan’s realm, death and eternal damnation and one leads to God’s Heavenly and eternal Kingdom on Earth and Life eternal. Yet the free-will choice is yours, as it always has been, so which will you choose (Joshua 24:15). May peace be upon you and within you and may the morning star arise in your heart.

For more information on how to reverse the “fall from grace” please read and digest the “little book” of Revelation 10:7-10, called The Way home or face The Fire by JAH found for free at the link provided. “People are calling it the most important book on Planet Earth. Is it? You decide.”

All scriptural references come from The King of kings’ Bible by JAH. For Free on line reading please click on the link provided, read the introduction to the end, where you will find the link and may the Hand of God be with you always.

Additional suggested reading on How to Attract a Real Man is available in the book by Lin Paris of the same name at the link provided. A must read for both men and women.

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Do Real Men Desire a Beautiful Woman?

Is it true Real Man desire a beautiful women? What is a beautiful women by modern standards,(head of the relationship, bossy, independent, displays lasciviousness)  and is that really what men want? Truth is a real man desires a woman who can make his world beautiful, and that ONLY happens when she becomes a spiritually feminine lady who allows her husband/real man to be the leader of their relationship. Today people ask me, " How do you describe a Real Man?" Below you will find a description of my real man. The next question they ask is, "How does a man become a real man?" Only God knows the answers to that question because it is only through a divine relationship with Him that He creates a Real Man.

When I first met my knight in shinning armor I could tell he was not "one of the good old  boys. " he carried the sword of Truth with him at all times which he used most days. I quickly found out he had principles, displayed honor and respect for others ,for the most part, and their possessions, which he still posses today. Real men fight with their will and determination and they pick women who are feminine and support them in their fight against evil. They are creative and get to know Father telepathically and learn to listen and obey what He tells them to do. They take only what they need and are not interested in material wealth, but in spiritual growth (Matt. 6:24 Real men never lie, they means what they say and say what they mean never going back on their word even when it becomes difficult to keep they still follows through. My knight does not claim to be physically strong or intelligent, he just goes out 6 days a week wearing his shield and taking his sword to fight the dragon's in high places on this hellish planet called earth. He is not puffed up with big muscles nor arrogantly focusing on what he looks like physically. My knight today is the protector and soul provider for me and his family, and he takes good care of all our needs and the animals he has been entrusted with. He will defend us in self defense when necessary. He is not a bully, using his fist, but deals with problems in a calm and logical manner. His continual examples of love and compassion for others attracted me to him. Because of these characteristics I felt I could trust him with my life. In fact one day early on in our marriage we were working for another carpenter friend of his and the man turned to me in the conversation of marriage and said" you have trusted him with your life." I agreed and today I am so glad I listened to that lovely sweet soft voice in side me wooing me to come this way, for the way of  true love and harmony that I was seeking, I have found through this relationship.

My knight guides me gently back to my creator who has the power to change me as well as all of us here because He created each one of us and knows just what we  All need and when we need it. He is always drawing me closer to him by kindly encouraging me to do what is right for me and everyone else involved. This kind of Love  makes it easier for me to do what he asks, rather than a man who is harsh and demanding who has to be right all the time, but doesn't practice what he preaches. My knight kindly suggested I let him supply all my needs therefore encouraging me to stop practicing/selling vanity as my business. Vanity, I believe, is partly responsible for the mess the world is in today. He often reminds me that "the whole world is upside down, worshiping satan through the woman." This helped turn my world right side up finding the way to my rightful position worshiping God through the man. Now I practice being his help-meet, just as my Creator intended. I find that in following this path my Creator guided me to fall in love with my real man, his sword, shield and The Truth that he follows.

Don't get me wrong, he's is also physically nice to look at and talented, but the whole package is what I desire. Early on he gained my respect  due to the fact he did not play into the hands of his women clients who flirted with him. He was always kind and sometimes found it necessary to direct the conversation elsewhere in those situations which helped give me faith in his relationship capabilities. This kind of Love helped to break through the walls of hurt and distrust I had developed from previous dysfunctional relationships. Like these he has many skills most men only dream of acquiring which makes him very attractive to most women these days because they selfishly want a man for what he can give them, not for the man's values. He could have had most any woman , but because of his beliefs and faith in God he choose a woman who could make his world spiritually beautiful not one who is just beautiful to look at. It is a dream come true to have this courageous sword swinging man as my husband. He has had many a woman tempt him before and also since our marriage, but he is always true to us and has never committed adultery or fornication since we signed our Holy Marriage Contract with God. He also shared that the eight years prior to our relationship he remained celibate which further strengthened my trust in him and helped me to start over coming my destructive jealousy.He helps me achieve things like this site to connect with others.Most of the time it feels like I am in a fairy tale and the dream has come true to life.

Today it is apparent that my knight knew what he wanted and picked me for my beliefs which he hoped would make his world more beautiful. I've always wanted a man to love me for who I really was and not for my looks but I did not know how to attract that kind of man. Thank goodness all that has changed today and I am loved by my knight in shinning armor because of his beliefs in building a better world. It has been said  opposites attract, he being masculine in nature likes for me to be his feminine polar opposite. For example, long soft flowing hair as my covering, being sensitive and caring, always nurturing, and a good care giver of his physical needs.

From the first time he came to my home he guided our romance with "strong steel boundaries - no sex before marriage" . We believe that sex is spiritually uniting within the bounds of the marriage contract, becoming one flesh, and if sex happens before God is invited in through the taking of vows, the man ends up following satan through the woman making their whole world operate upside down. Because he used his sword and shield he extinguished the red dragon's fiery darts of lust and sin that would have destroyed our loving relationship causing our relationship to be based on lust. I used to think that more sex was the way to a man's heart, however I have learned the way to a real man's heart is through giving him Real Love. Clearly he does not desire lust/sex and it is a big turn OFF to him. Actually he desires right the opposite which is Real Love. I have found this kind of Love is much more fulfilling than sex. He desires to make an "Out of This World" experience when our two bodies and souls join unselfishly, always putting the others needs first, wanting only to please and asking nothing in return. Our act of making love becomes the nearest thing to "Heaven on Earth" I have ever experienced. It has been said love making could be this way and now I can honestly tell you it can be.

We grow a garden which helps us grow together. We love the fresh vegetables because they just taste better and we know they are much healthier for us. The time we spend together in the garden has proved to be a rewarding experience. We see nature transpiring, and becoming full of life. The garden reminds us  of our relationship, as it grows it shows sign of magical wonders producing sweet sensations to enjoy and nourish us as well as others. While sharing our day over a hot home cooked meal I jump at the chance to tell him everything that happened to me that day, listening for guidance in his humble words of direction. Keeping our home and clothes clean and mended making sure there is a warm inviting atmosphere when he returns home are ways I show my gratitude. He shows appreciation for the labor of love by verbally thanking me for cooking and cleaning and helping him with the chores of our animals around the ranch. After all he has been fighting the fire breathing dragon all day and he just wants to come home where he is loved, appreciated, and respected. I try to show him I appreciate him by verbally thanking him for all his hard work each day and putting healthy food on our table.

By no means is he perfect, he still has his ego/self to overcome daily as we all do. Neither are we claiming to know anything about relationships, we still have occasional discord when either of us becomes overcome with ones selfishness. Yet the episodes are less frequent as love abounds. It is our hope that each couple will find their harmony with the guidance of their Creator as we have. If we have shared anything here of any use or value, we give credit to our Father in Heaven, for He is the Only One Good and is Love; which makes the world go round.

In closing:

A real man is one who follows morality and aspires to these characteristics, puts other peoples needs before his own, he is his families protector/provider, never lies, does not commit fornication or adultery, respects others and their property. and follows Truth, always striving to point others to that path. When he fails he gets back up and rights his shield and takes the sword of Truth in hand once again to battle the red dragon's tail of lies using God's Royal Laws of Liberty, Commandments and his determination. My role is cheering him on saying, "Honey, Go, Fight, Win this race called Life" encouraging him on his path towards learning how to be good. Perhaps you've heard it said ,"behind every good man there is a relatively good woman", my place is to take good care of him, and encourage him to fight evil in the world. By doing so I am learning how to become a perfect lady, wife and mom which is Women's True Liberation having found my path towards home Falling in Love with a Real Man. By following this path my Creator has designed for me I can earn the right to become a man the correct way, not the way the world teaches by becoming a man while still in a womans body (bread winner,competitive, bossy, independent, etc.) before having earned it. My hope is you will come and join me here and discover your divine purpose, as God intended it to be thereby  making your man's world a beautiful place to be

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Welcome to Women's True Liberation

Greetings everyone,

I want to share some of my life with you in hopes we will get to know each other better.

I was born to a middle class family. My mom was religious and took us three children from our dad so she could be closer to her dad and in doing so sent our whole family down an unhappy path. By my Dad not exercising his manly authority over her demands and allowing her to lead the marriage, today I believe this caused her to became diagnosed as mentally ill (schizophrenic and manic depressed), I believe this was due to her disobedience against my Dad's wishes and her selfish choices for our family. She played the blame game and it was always someone else's fault, never hers, placing blame on us and abusing us  both physically and mentally. She believed her religion and said we were "devil" possessed as she listened to the bad voices in her head. My dad coped with this insane nightmare by drinking  alcohol and working all the time. We spent very little time with him because mother was even jealous of us having a good relationship with him. Today I believe everything happens for a reason, for the greater good of each of us, which includes this upbringing of mine.

You can only  imagine how unhappy I was always felling like the odd one out, mothers favorite child was my older sister and dad's favorite was the younger, I desperately wanted to escape my home life, so acting out of desperation, lust took over and I became pregnant and married to a selfish man who would not provide for nor protect me or his son. Unbeknown-st to me, I drove him into the arms of other women with my possessive jealousy which I thought was love. I had attracted a man who was a theft, drug user, drug dealing, addicted to sex, and verbally and physically abusive to me and his son, which hurt all of us deeply. Desperate for help, I was baptized into the church and became religious, seeking God and the answers to why the marriage was failing. With the religious teachings in hand I decided my husband was the problem, so I divorced him.

 Still looking for love, in all the wrong places with all the wrong character defects, I attracted another man and decided to marry again. I remained in an unhappy marriage for 29 years. The way I coped was by drinking and becoming a workaholic, pursuing a successful career in the beauty industry,. All along learning "how to wear the pants in the relationship". Over the next 23 years I listened to hundreds of women whose marriages had ended in divorce for some of the same reasons mine had which was clearly destroying the family unit. They divorced their husbands and would almost always take the children, only to remarry again and end up in once again in an unhappy situation just as I did.  During this time I  become what society had taught me to be, a woman's lib fan (a man hater who acts like a man). By not obeying the authority and leadership from my husband I became independent and was deceived into thinking I had it all together; or so it seemed, since I ran a successful business, went to church all the time, attended Al-anon, and could easily take care of myself; or so I thought. Truth was I had created an even more unhappy relationship because he was drinking more than ever and so was I finally saw no hope and ended that marriage in divorce also.

Less than a year later I became engaged only to find out once more I had attracted the same type of man. He was addicted to sex and porn, so we went to counseling at church with little to no results only for me to call off the engagement. Today I am so glad I did. So after two painful divorces and a failed engagement, I came to the realization I could not attract a man who could love me the way I dreamed of. I desired a man that would fulfill my greatest desire to have a loving relationship with Christ being his head and him being in loving authority over me. By this time I was emotionally spent and not interested in another relationship. At this point in my life I realized that I could no longer point the finger at others, but that I was the problem and the masculine manners I had grew up with and continued to learn over the years were emasculating men's authority and it wasn't working out so well for me, but rather working in the opposite direction of what it had appeared it would be, detouring my spiritual growth. Determine to find a solution, I turned to my Creator earnestly in prayer and laid the Whole problem before Him; me, myself, and I.

Shortly after this I went to work part time for a women named Debra, who kept insisting I meet her contractor. She would show me pictures of him and she told me things about him like he would not work on Saturday and if he did anything on that day he did not charge for it. This rang a bell with me and sparked just enough interest to allow her to give him my phone number. He did not call right away as she said he always did and she became worried. I would ask her "please don't worry, if he doesn't call back it is not meant to be". 

God doesn't waste any time when He knows you are ready.The first call came and I kindly informed him I did not wish to waste his time nor mine on a relationship that would not work so first things first. I kindly ask him about his relationship with Christ. Complete silence fell on the other end of the phone, I thought I had lost him, and then he gave a logical clear answer, with out going into details, that Christ was the most important relationship in his life. That sounded good to me and now I was looking for proof which did not take long as he lead the dance with healthy boundaries. I had him over for a home cooked meal one evening. After we finished eating he came to my side and knelt down, then he asked me kindly if he could kiss me, which I said "yes" and he did, and my heart was overjoyed. We then sat on the couch talking and when things began to heat up he stopped kissing me and announced his wishes were to lead the dance and not have sex together before our marriage vows were said in public meaning we would invite Father/God in first then consummate our marriage together on the honeymoon.This seemed like such a romantic dance step to me, he was winning my heart, that a man could have this much self control in his leading turns over the lustful head most men of today think with instead. He also announced kindly he would lead the dance and I was to follow. At the time all I could do was hope this good example continued. He demonstrated even more control when on several occasions he spent the night with me. He took care of me when I was in need which lead up to him dancing in and saying "Please, I just want to take care of you" this melted my heart and helped me decide to cease my vane career, sell my business and allow him to dance further into my life. For the last five years I have been in his divine dance training, learning how to be a good help meet dancer, lady, mom, and friend. I love dancing with my husband, helping him with our business, cleaning, household chores, growing our garden together, tending to our lovely animals, (dancing in the kitchen), cooking all his meals unless he takes me on a dance date and we go out together for a two step meal and a movie. I find him to be a good lead dancer and he exercises his authority with firm steps of love as we take a vacation 3 or 4 times a year to just enjoy or time together with Father in nature. As we allow God to change our behaviors our love for each other grows. Sometimes we have growing pains but manage to slowly dance straight way through them and knowing he has no desire to cheat helps me dance straight. Today I feel like I dance on cloud 9 most of the time following him to the tune of our heavenly Father. Along the way I have found genuine lessons like this extraordinary book entitled "How To Attract A Real Man" This book has given me new steps to practice as my heart beats with joy for this God given wealth of wisdom.

In conclusion: The Dance

Ladies it's a moon lit night, just right for dancing, magically attract your partner as you read from this inspiring book, giving him a practical look, while he leads you in these classical steps. Don't swing to the right or swing to the left, go straight way ahead as you tell yourself, hear the bells ring as he ask you to dwell with a ring and be his to make Joy... Oh boy under the blue moon he will lead The Way as your Creator has instructed and not a day to soon. As you follow him turning you around and around, carefully step in as planned and find The Way now... It feels right, wow, no more arguing only perfect harmony, he has the instructional ability, so learn, so listen to him carefully not to miss a single commanding kiss, just as men have prayerfully  wanted ladies to seek their leadership. Come on ladies let's learn, let's "dance the night away," as you two find the magic words to say to each other and go not astray. Feel your hearts desire as you come in tune without delay, heavens music is playing your favorite love song under the moon all night long. As he offers to lighten your load it will send you further in the mode, seek and you shall find your Mr. Right, on this very night.  Will you prayerfully listen to your spiritually feminine song as you two dance hand in hand  to "Will The Real Men Please Stand Up!" It's not by chance, and you still can, fall in love with your real man, ladies you don't want to miss this Dance...

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